Hi there! I’m here to talk to you about the same thing I always talk to you about: Digital marketing!

So, now that we have entered a new decade…(or are ending one), it is important as a business person to understand marketing trends which are both general and specifically tailored to suit your business needs. More so if your business is online,…you definitely want to know how to maintain your online customer base as well as how to monitor your profit and properly conduct your business. In this post, I’ll be giving some tips on what digital marketing trends will be helpful for you in 2020.


The essence of lifestyle marketing in your overall consumer experience cannot be overemphasized. It is absolutely important for you as a digital business operator regardless of what product or service you render. It is also a major factor in boosting customer response to your product or service. Studies over time have proved that in the digital age, there is always a wider customer base online than offline (hence, the need to go digital in the first place). However, it’s a surprise that most business owners do not value it as such as effective tool in driving clientele and projecting their business. I would rather say it’s because of lack of adequate knowledge as to how powerful a tool digital communication with customers is. Real time marketing, can however be tasking because of all that it entails. But a very practical approach to maintaining communication with your digital audience in real time, is to consider customer point-of-view communication. Create platforms for feedbacks. This is actually useful as both an online and offline tool, and is a very effective tool in digital marketing to ensure customer retention.


This rather goes without saying. Much like the first option, it is all about understanding your customers and their needs through feedback. But this is a more direct approach. This would require the effort of expert communicators and speakers who are smart and able to get the attention of customers, listening to and proffering available solutions to problems regarding customer services. The options with regards to this are flexible. Bigger companies with the requisite capital can employ the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to effect conversational marketing. While smaller companies, start ups, etc, would rather employ human intelligence for obvious reasons. But the important thing is to fully understand what conversational marketing entails and it is quite simple. Many of us have our phone numbers and emails registered with our banks and network service providers, and as such we get notifications every now and then as per offers, promos, and other information relevant to our use of their services. That, is conversational marketing. Those emails and mobile based communications with customers are the conversational marketing strategy that will further boost your business rankings among customers and generally help potential clients choose your services over another. It all boils down to how well you can play the marketing game.


The use of analytics to drive business performance and optimize desirable result sales of marketing your product digitally is very essential to further making your business relevant as well as a preferred choice amongst customers. Many businesses aim at data driven marketing because of its inherent capacity to boost customer loyalty and help them outperform their competitors. Online based customer communities are an effective way to get a general idea of how your product and services are affecting the customers. It helps to get a better understanding of what the consumers want, how and when they want it as well as effective delivery. This particular trend is of absolute necessity for businesses to constantly evolve their product and upgrade it to better satisfy customers and outperform their competitors.


This is simple and requires little elucidation. When you’re operating your business in a digital space, you need to be up to speed with the latest marketing technology. This has to do with software services which will help you better project your product and services on a preferred scale and give it some appeal to potential clientele. It is all about finding the right software packages that suit the kind of services you offer online. Upon finding the right one, and using it effectively, there should be no complications with dealing business with your digital audience.


As a digital business provider, one of the most important aspects of consumer services to consider is their privacy online. Given the nature of digital activities, certain personal data is provided by customers in order to connect them better to your services and updates and general information as is relevant to them. To this end, your customers need to be assured that their data is safe with you and that your platform can be trusted. There are at this time, certain privacy regulations which have been put in place by governing bodies to ensure customers privacy by imposing fines on companies and businesses defaulting in protecting consumer data. Such a measure is GDPR, and these measures come with increasing fines. The last thing you want as a business person while trying to optimize profit, is to have to be fined for such a thing as lack of security for customer data. To ensure optimal customer retention and relationship sit habits your business, they need to be able to trust you with their data and as such you are responsible, together along with other members of your organization, for developing ways of improving customer privacy on your digital platforms. There are many trusted digital platform providers that can help you set up your business perfectly online so you don’t have to worry. (MediaCraftStudio Ltd is recommended as the go-to for the perfect digitization solutions for your business 😌).

Having put together this vital information, it is my honest wish that you are better equipped with the relevant tools to effectively managing your digital workplace for optimized performances. You can drop any questions you might have in the comments and I will be sure to respond accordingly.

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