Hi there! Today, as usual, I’ll be running you through a very important aspect of managing and optimizing your business online.

Now, after launching your website, and successfully digitizing your business, what’s next? TRAFFIC! Traffic is what is next! That’s the major life force on which a good website thrives, and if you’re poorly informed about how to effectively drive content to your website, then you might lose out. However, there’s good news: I can help you with guidelines that’ll put you on the right track.

So, here are five proven tactics to boost your website traffic. Enjoy!


People love to be flattered and made to be feel good about themselves. And one of the absolute best ways to build more traffic to your site is by creating a specially dedicated section of your website, that constantly praises and lauds the companies and individuals that you admire. Some of the steps you can employ in achieving this are:

(i.) A Thank You Page: List the people and brands that have been of great influence to your business journey so far.

(ii.) A Resource Page: Feature the best sites on the web with brief introductions of why they are so great.

(iii.) A Favorite Products Page: Feature images and brief reviews of your favorite products or service, explaining what stands them out from the rest.


Leveraging on an additional resource which is certain to elicit interest, in order to boost content, is another smart move towards increasing traffic.

You can do this by advertising special content (most likely downloadable content). Emphasize to your customers and fans that in order to access this bonus content, they have to first share it with their friends and contacts.

This advertised content needs to be very compelling though. The more powerful your promotional copy, the more likely a person is to share it.

The more social shares your content gets, the more traffic you’re likely to get. Especially if it is high-quality content, most people would share even after they have downloaded.


If you are really observant, then you must have noticed that most of the big online brands always run a giveaway at some point. The idea is a no-brained really, because it ALWAYS works!

Offering free rewards to customers is always a great way to draw new traffic and buyers to what you are offering.

Your offers should however be consistent with local laws and regulations, so as to avoid unnecessary liabilities.

The easiest targets for a giveaway are always people who comment under your articles. At the end of the giveaway, do a count of how many comments there are and then generate a random number in the range of the comments. The winning comment should then be rewarded.

Campaigns which run more extensively than giveaways can also be employed when the time is appreciated and there is a new product from your business.


One of the most engaging posts on any online platform, is usually one whichever sparks up some controversy. This automatically gets people interested in your opinion.

To get started, do your research and find a suitable post by a known influencer in your field, airing an opinion on a subject matter you do not agree with. Upon doing this, the next step is to then write a detailed argument against the standpoint of the writer.

It is advisable to always be as civil as possible while at the same time, straightforward. Your point should be argued as persuasively as possible.

A bonus point in this, is government send an email to the influencer whose post toy disagree with. Let them know you have a contradicting opinion and copy a link to your article on it. Most likely, they will read it and respond. This would therefore prompt the influencer’s fans to read the influencer’s response as well as your article. This will potentially increase your traffic.


Humans are different. And as such, people will always have different reactions to your content. Not every single person can be satisfied in real life. But with regards to content creation, you CAN please everyone! If you post the same kind of content the exact same way all the time, then it won’t be long before your content becomes a bore, and you begin to lose traffic. So sometimes, maybe the reason your website isn’t realizing much traffic is because people just aren’t interested in our content, or don’t find it appealing.

A good option for further stimulating better engagement with your website content, is to employ simple tools such as slideshows, video content, audio content etc. Simple ideas like this are a very effective way to switch up the way your content is viewed, and potentially drive more traffic to your website.

That would be all for today, dear business owners. Hopefully, this has been a very helpful post. There will be yet more helpful posts to further guide you in your digital business journey. Until next time, though, be sure to make good use of these valuable tips…and make some profit!

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