Hi there! It’s Ignis. Welcome to this week’s article. Just as promised, today, I am here to talk to you about how you can effectively and successfully imbibe video-marketing as a veritable tool for digital campaigns. There are, of course, quite a number of options available to you,…but in this article, I have streamlined them to the most relevant points for you. You’re welcome 😌. So, here below, are 5 video-marketing tactics for digital campaigns.


It is absolutely important that in order to create good enough video content that would achieve the aim of engaging an audience, you need to have the right equipment. It only reduces your bran image value if you make a mess of the production of your video content. It is most needful to invest seriously in the best affordable equipment for better production. This goes a long way in your strategy and is a major step in the right direction of engaging video-marketing campaigns.


Upon completing the first step of getting the appropriate equipment, the next step to creating great video content is the aspect of storytelling. After all, what’s a good video campaign without a storyline? This requires creative and critical thinking to achieve, and so you must be ready to put in all that. Consider the most important issues which customers relate with while patronizing you, and build a storyline around those points (without being too obvious of course).

A great way to boost your storytelling is to create episodic content over the duration of your campaign. This would make viewers more interested in your videos, and most likely they would subscribe to your brand. However, it is important to keep the content entertaining, original and informative in order to drive positive results.


Regardless of your brand, it is very important as the content creator to create a specific, peculiar “voice” or “image” with which your content is easily distinguished. Of course, such content must be appealing to your customers. Some people relate to humor while other others would prefer it simple and straight to business. (Most people, even in the B2B world, appreciate humorous content). The key is ensuring that you find the right balance which would ultimately help you to maintain engagement and establish a hallmarked style with your content. This is one of the reasons for critical thinking as earlier in this post, explained. Also, you must study your customers and viewers in order to get a better understanding of how they relate with your brand and this would help you to choose the appropriate content for your campaign.


There is really no kind of content that your brand can put out that will survive without the use of tags. Your content needs to be able to produce reasonable SEO results in order to attract meaningful traffic. The way SEO works is mainly with keywords. And tagging is very useful to attaching relevant keywords to your content. Enabling embedding in your video content is also a way to increase your chances of receiving inbound links. Creating a video sitemap is also pertinent as it helps search engines, most notably Google to find and list your content when people search with the relevantly keywords.

It is important to include tagging in your titles as well. If your video already has relevant keyword tags attached to its title, then the chances of being viewed are greatly increased.


In addition to getting attracted to, and patronizing your brand, viewers also need to be able to learn and pick some knowledge when they view your content. Give them something to think about. Maybe even something to act upon. Apart from seeing what your brand is doing, they need to be educated on ways by which they can contribute to moving things forward and making the world a better place. All you need do is provide usefulness information that is relatable to them, and they’d be willing to learn. These days, there are so many trending issues you could educate people on such as environmental issues, health issues, security issues, etc. The choice is yours. You just need to find a way of integrating what you’re teaching into your video content so that while viewers learn about your brand and product, they also have other valuable information to learn.

Well,….this is the end of this article and I sincerely hope that one or two new things have been learnt and that you, as a business person, will find this information useful to taking your business to the next level. Goodluck! And until next time, go make some profit!! 😌😎

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