In light of the COVID-19 outbreak last year, the world has changed A LOT, and this includes business operations as well. It is now no longer news that every business owner has found a way to get their businesses online, either by creating a website, social media presence, or in many cases, both.

If you happen to have a business with a digital and web presence, you’ve come to the right place! Join in as we take you through 5 winning marketing strategies for your brand, post-COVID.

1. SEO

This tops the list, and rightfully so because in this digital age, it is important to understand the intricacies of attracting traffic to your brand. The one surefire way to raise traffic and brand recognition is through SEO (search engine optimization).

Search Engine Optimization is simply the use of the Search Engine (Google, Bing, etc) algorithms to your personal advantage. When done expertly, SEO can make all the difference in the success of your brand’s digital identity. Think traffic, BIG traffic!

SEO is so very important because many search engines, such as Google, prioritize organic and natural search results, and getting it done right will go a long way to increasing your brand reach.

Further, the more you improve organic SEO, the better your ad campaigns will work, as they feed off one another. SEO works hand in hand with organic search, inbound marketing, and paid advertising.

When doing your SEO, it is important to focus on particular keywords relevant to the industry within which you operate, as well as keywords relevant to the product and/or services you provide, and incorporate them into your content. Having a blog attached to your website will really go a long way to help keep your website active.


Yes. Influencer marketing. It is now very common to see viral videos, photos, or posts of individuals on social media who have carved a niche for themselves on the internet. They can post anything, and everything, and they would get instant clicks and engagements because they have something powerful in the attention and following of thousands, sometimes, millions of social media users.

Collaborations with these individuals, popularly called influencers, greatly increase your visibility and raise your brand trust and reputability, as these individuals have built a considerably large following and have gained the trust, attention and the interest of their followers, among whom you might find your target audience.

It is however important when choosing influencers to work with, that their community, ideals, and aesthetics align with your brand. It would really hurt your brand if you collaborated with the wrong influencer.

All in all, influencer marketing is one of the most undefeated digital business strategies to keep your brand in the face and ears of your potential clientele.


Media mentions are very essential for your brand’s visibility online. It’s basically getting free media and very much needed publicity and awareness that would go a long way in achieving your online business goals.

Free media can come in various ways: from press mentions or reviews, social media testimonials, product roundup lists, blogs, etc. Sending free samples or asking for reviews is a great way to get “free word-of-mouth press.”

Programs such as ShareASale or SkimLinks pair verified merchants with verified press partners to create in-article links.

When someone clicks on a link through an affiliate program to complete a purchase, your publishing affiliate gets a small percentage of the sale, while you get a sale you probably would not have captured elsewhere. So, it’s a win-win!


Email marketing is very highly effective and with marketing automation, it does not require too much effort. It is an inoffensive yet persistent way to nurture and warm leads and promotions.

Creating customer contact lists and funnels based on attributes, will be a major step in achieving success through this strategy, allowing you to send out tweaked but targeted emails to each position along the pipeline.

This technique lets you target your messaging on a more granular level to appeal to various decision-making points. You can track success via open rates, click-through data, and unsubscribe rates, and use split testing to further hone in on effective messaging and subjects.

5. Social media marketing

Social media is the big one and is will continually increase as more brands post Covid, have had to learn how to be online. Building an online following on appropriate social channels will cultivate an engaged community and loyal clients, opening up a large arena for pushing sales, promotions, and new releases.

Authenticity is key, as well as brand cohesion. Ensure that your social media posts are the right mix of engaging and sales-oriented and endeavor to make the most of each platform’s features.

Well, that will be it for now…if you found these tips helpful, kindly let us know by commenting through our social media platforms @mediacraftinc on Instagram and MediaCraft Studio Limited on Facebook. Cheers!

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