Hi there! It’s Ignis. I hope this message meets you well. Today, in light of the recent coronavirus outbreak, it is necessary for us to know how we can maintain safety and good health, medically as well as business-wise. And as such, I’ll be taking you through FIVE DIGITAL MARKETING IDEAS FOR THE COVID-19 PERIOD


This period is one in which people are practically on edge from having to deal with the impact of the outbreak of the virus on all scales. Everyone is taking precautions everywhere. It is essentially, a time to be sensitive and empathetic towards how people are generally feeling at the moment. This includes customers too. But it doesn’t mean you can’t also contribute and make yourself seen. It is in fact, a great opportunity to stand out in these worrying times, without being too pushy or overly vested in boosting profits. Seeing as people are likely to be more online than anywhere else these days, it is an opportunity to make your website a place where people can find information that is relevant to the coronavirus such as safety tips and live updates to keep people in the know. And keep them engaged. Try engaging in whatever acts of kindness and good deeds you can while at the same time being safe. You can donate to food banks for example, if such arrangements are put in place in your locality. And of course, be sure to promote these acts through social media marketing as it would definitely help build your brand further.


As I earlier mentioned, there are more users online now, with the serious environmental threat out there. Everybody is constantly trying to get hold of any information about the coronavirus that they possibly can. It’s absolutely important that you’re easily visible and accessible at this time. At this time, people will try to get anything online. Any product or service would be attractive to most people right now. Here’s where YOU come in. Get to using SEO strategies to ascend Google’s results pages to make your business easily accessible. This way, anyone who surfs the net looking for a product or service which you offer or sell, will easily find you and be able to transact with you.


An uncertain period such as this, presents an opportunity to express your support for your customer base by offering special discounts that will keep your revenue flowing. Create a special offer. Since most people are looking for products and services at discounted rates, the best thing you can do is to DO DISCOUNTS. It is an opportunity to engage your customers and maintain an income source that will keep customers coming in. You can do this through PPC advertising and social media.


These days, traveling and outings are greatly reduced and people are trying to stay as close to home as possible. This means that, in the event that people do actually step out to get something, they want to do so at a nearby location. Therefore you should definitely make sure your business is using local SEO strategies to optimize your website in such a way as to enable you appear in “near me” searches. This makes customers in your immediate environment find you easily online and consider you first for business. This is also a chance to assist during such a critical time for people as this.


We all are hoping and believing that the COVID-19 phenomenon will be over soon. Just as it has been effectively handled in China. When that happens, everything stabilizes and for you the business person, this means the influx of customers back to the markets. And that is why I have practically mentioned SEO strategies throughout this post. The importance of SEO cannot be overemphasized. SEO is a long term strategy and so whatever strategies you employ for you really SEO during this period, will still affect you in months to come when everything’s boils over. Hence, the need rock be intentional with your SEO campaign in order to maintain a reasonable revenue flow during and after this period.

Well, that would be it for this week 😁. I hope you’ve been able to pick up some useful tips for keeping your business moving even during such trying times as this. As well as how to make your business a pivot in assisting people in the littlest ways possible.

Kindly adhere strictly to government directives concerning movement and public gatherings and step up personal hygiene in order to stay protected and maintain safety against the coronavirus infection or any other such infection out there.

Stay positive (not of COVID-19 of course 😆). And make profit! 😎

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