Hi there! Welcome to this edition of weekly business nuggets. Today, as usual, I will be taking you through a number of online marketing tactics that could potentially help you boost your brand and put it on the map in the exact way you’ve imagined.

However, it’s understandable that brands usually start small, and at beginner level, certain strategies and tactics are beyond the financial reach of upcoming brand owners. So, below, are FIVE online marketing tips for smaller businesses on a budget.


By virtue of statistics gathered by WordPress, there are over 409million visitors who read over 23 billion blog posts on the WordPress platform. That’s huge right? Well imagine if you had so much attention drawn to your brand? The good news is,…you can! What you need to draw the desired attention to your site, is to set up a blog with high quality. Blogs are the 5th most trusted online resource and as such it is important that your blog has the absolute best quality (or at least close) of what your brand represents in order to gain visitors. Normally, creating a big falls within the purview of your Content Management System (CMS). However, if that is not the case, you can create a blog hosted on WordPress or Blogspot which would also be quite helpful, as long as your contact information is on-demand.


This aspect of online marketing is very essential for an upcoming business because it is a great way to inform others about your brand, and create more and more backlonls to your brand on the web. Getting involved on social media forums is a smart way to learn, share information as well as draw attention to your brand, and it is 100% recommended for smaller business enterprises.

Building your brand’s reputation on community forums helps people to see you as an innovative thought leader in your field, as well as it is a great marketing strategy for building trust.


It is absolutely imperative that you do this. After you must have set up your own blog, and you have published a number of posts, a good way to leave your mark on reputable sites is by registering your own opinion on there.

Comment on articles and posts with relevance to your brand, give some valuable information and advice, as well. Providing a link to your own blog for further information is also a smart move. The author of whatever blog posts you comment on, is likely to read your comment and engage. This creates more networking opportunities. The more your comments, the more your brand awareness.


It is essential to, apart from creating your own blog, also post on influential blogs as well. It is a very vital way to build back links to your site and gain weight with search algorithms. While this may not necessarily happen overnight, with the requisite content writing skill and consistency, you will soon find out how very valuable it is to post as a guest on other influential blogs.


It is interesting to know that most social media users use their choice social media platform at least daily. And there are very large numbers of users globally, too. This means that if your brand is doing well and you keep active on social media, then your chances of a greater audience and traffic to your brand, increases daily.

The key to social media success is to add value to conversations. Being active on social media helps you build your following and fosters the trust of these followers. Think About It 😉.

This is the end of this edition of your weekly business nuggets. However, feel free to comment on this post, and share it to others advice well…you never can tell who’d need information like this! Also, watch out for the next post (it’s about video content marketing). I hope you have found this an interesting and educative read. Until next time,…go make profit!!

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