Seun Babashola Website

Website and User Interface for a real estate entrepreneur
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The Client

Everybody Can Make Millions From Real Estate But Not Everyone Will. The Right Real Estate Codes Will Take You From Listing To Closing Those Mega-Million Deals.

The Goal

Seun Babashola wanted a website to build his personal brand and provide information on his skills, services, and offerings. A website where people could learn, get resources for their personal development, and get the best real estate deals. The aim of this website is for people to connect with SB and benefit from him.



The Outcome

We were able to create a classic website that serves the purpose of the client. Each page was designed to be highly responsive to all devices. It is a display website that provides information on the client, his services, and offerings. We used motion effects to emphasize texts and headings, thereby making them eye-catching. We also used images strategically so we could achieve the aim of the client- to provide information, connect with SB to book for his services, and get the best real estate rates.

Personal Brand Website

A website where you can learn and connect with SB to book for his services.