Hi there! It’s Ignis. Welcome to your weekly web craft nuggets. Today, the discussion is slightly shorter than usual and would be based on PPC campaigns and steps you can take to successfully run one. Oh, and by the way, PPC is simply the acronym for “pay-per-click” and is a very useful SEO strategy, seeing as the results are immediate, when done properly. So, below are four (4) steps to launching a successful PPC campaign. Enjoy!


One of the most important parts of a PPC campaign is keyword research. What keyword(s) you opt for, determine(s) how the search engines display your ad content. It is also of import to ensure that the right keywords are used. Here are some tips for selecting useful keywords:

a.) Know what your target audience wants

b.) Keep up with your competitor’s activities

c.) Use specific keywords

d.) Search as deeply into the buying cycle as possible, for keywords.

The better your keywords are, the more likely you are to get clicks from prospects.


Ensure that you do a proper analysis and auditing of your website or landing page so as to boost cooperation with your ads. I’ll explain. Prospects are moved to clicking on ads as a result of how catchy or intriguing the content is. If the link in your ad is not in tandem with a webpage that’s relevant to the ad, then prospects lose interest. Prospects are interested in gaining more insights and information, hence, it is essential to create a landing page coinciding with the content.

Also, the website or landing page needs to be modified for mobile and PC performance. The webpage must be visually appealing enough for the prospect, otherwise the prospect moves on.


After determining the aim of your ad, the next important step is to create a very attractive call to action. Ensure that your target audience is getting exactly what they want. ALWAYS deliver on whatever your ad promises.

In addition, it is very important to make sure that your ad’s call to action correlates with your website and/or landing page. Include invitations to interact, chat, call etc, in order to ensure a successful CTA.


Once your campaign is launched, only a portion of your work is done. From this point, you need to track and measure performance and make necessary changes to optimize results. A/B testing is a very effective way to execute this test. A/B simply means running two identical versions of the same ad at the same time, but with a slight difference. You can tweak the CTA or keywords and try to gauge which brings in better results. After determining which one works better, then you should terminate the non productive one, you know, to save money 😁.

Alright then, there you have it. As briefly done as I promised 😌. It’s my honest hope that after reading this, you’re better equipped with more ways to boost your business online. I hope you make good use of it. Until next time, go make some profit!

Watch this space for more nuggets next time around. And please, do like, and comment on this post. You should also share with as many people in the digital business space you know,…anyone could need this!

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